Extra Activities

Students have always been encouraged to participate in sport activities and physical training. To do full justice to this endeavor, the college has appointed a person especially for the conduct of sport activities. Though the college is situated in the heart of the western suburbs and lacks a sylvan campus, the sports-persons of the college have never felt disadvantaged. Reputed coaches in the respective sports/games are appointed to train the students. Sports kits as well as allowances are provided to the sports-persons.


In order to identify the hidden talents among the students, the college conducts a Talent Search. The College aims at achieving overall development of its students in Theatre, Dance, Music, Literary and Fine Arts. From the beginning of every academic year, students are encouraged to perform on stage. They are also encouraged to participate in various events and competitions, both intra and intercollegiate. Other Festivals like Malhar, Mood Indigo, and Umang have witnessed excellent performances from students. Moreover, the College holds its own Annual Mega festival jaloosh, which is a roaring success among all college going students.