Real Learning Happens out side the Classroom :

Paradise College offers Students ample opportunities to develop and sustain their interest in interdisciplinary fields of knowledge. The various associations operating within the college make knowledge acquisition exciting and students buoyant.

1. Counseling Association

Counseling Association is active in the college. It hosts lectures, Interactive sessions on Counseling Skills,field visits and Workshops.

2.Geography Association

The Geography Association started its activities in 1988 with the objective of providing students first hand experience of their subjects. It also helps the students to analyze and empathize with various societal issues. With this in mind, the association organizes nature treks, field visits, film shows, talks, poster/slogan writing competitions, debate / elocution competition and so on.

3.English Literary Association

Poetry recitation and appreciation, felicitation of dedicated litterateurs, workshops on topics such as literature and drama are the activities of English Literary Association Fosters love for the English language and literature. Book Circle.

4. Marathi Vangmay Mandal

The State language of Maharashtra becomes a potent unifying force through the activities of Marathi Vangmay Mandal. Dance-Music and Drama extravaganzas based on great literatures such as Kusumagraj, Vinda Karandikar and Sane Guruji bring the whole college together.

Science Club

Physics Association

Pure Sciences are taking a backseat amongst students interested in higher education. The Physics Association has managed to revert this trend by making Physics popular through its activities. Each year the Physics Association Festival has interesting Exhivits that deal with fundamentals as well as application in Physics.

Chemistry Association

The Chemistry Association's vision is to develop analytical reasoning skills and to promote the applications of chemistry in day-to-day life. Under the aegis of this association, guest lectures on popular topics are organized. The students are motivated to participate in Indian Chemical Society - Aptitude test.

Science Association

The Science Association promotes an interdisciplinary development of all biological, chemical, physical as well as mathematical sciences together. This will help in developing logical analysis of situations in the students and will brief the students about the various other science disciplines. To achieve its objectives the Science association plans to organize talks, by Jadhavar's placed at various industries, on the different career options and demands of the industry.

Mathematics Association

From commemorating the birth anniversary of legendary Mathematicians such as Srinivas Ramanujan to Origami Workshops, the Mathematics Association ensures that Maths is fun to learn.